Another test drive with new technology!

Through constant improvements in 2020, we have managed to improve the complete technology of the velo autonomus! We have changed from a complicated individual wiring of each component to a CAN bus. This is currently also standard in the automotive industry and allows the use of only two data lines for the complete communication of all different modules among each other. For the use of the CAN bus we have developed our own circuit boards, which take over different tasks. Here we have the front controller, which takes over the main task of steering, the middle controller, which operates the engine and the brake, and the rear controller, which is responsible for the warning light, the rear light and various sensors. All these components are connected only by means of a single, clearly laid-out wiring harness. This also receives the various voltages required via a specially developed power board.

The test drive: The velo autonomus on the road for the first time
With the new technology and a new controller, we were now able to complete a test drive lasting over 4 hours. There were largely no problems – everything about the new electronics worked as planned. A very successful result with good prospects for the further development of the velo autonomus!